Commodore 64 s/n U.K.B1697889 Repair Log

Do you have a defective / non working Commodore 64 breadbin?
I probably want it!
Make me an offer on and state if you want to sell it or swap it for this working one (you will have to pay my costs in parts and shipping – but not my time) 🙂


Purchased 8th August 2017 on eBay:

  • Breadbin: SER.NO.U.K.B1697889
  • PSU: Part no. 251 053-11
  • Datasette: C2N, Serial No 01202217, Made in Taiwan
  • Motherboard: S/N UA196145, assy No. 250407, artwork no. 251137, rev. B. Made in Hong Kong



  • U1: CIA, MOS 6526, week 39, 1984
  • U2: CIA, MOS 6526, week 39, 1984
  • U3: BASIC ROM, MOS 901226-01, week 28, 1984
  • U4: Kernal ROM, MOS 901227-03, week 36, 1984
  • U5: Character ROM, MOS 901225-01, (no week/year)
  • U6: Color RAM, MM2114N, week 32, 1984
  • U7: CPU, MOS 6510, week 27, 1984
  • U17: PLA, MOS 906114-01, week 35, 1984
  • U18: SID, MOS 6581, week 34, 1984. Defective – replaced with 6581R4AR, week 14, 1990
  • U19, VIC2, MOS 6569R3, week 39, 1984
  • RAM, 7*OKI M3764-20, 1*Sharp LH2164-15


Sellers description:

Commodore 64 Computer C64 Breadbin With Power & Datasette Faulty Spares & Repairs BUY NOW.
Greet Computer found in job lot of items and will sadly not power on ?
Maybe easy fix for someone or at least loads of spares. Comes with power pack and datasette only.


Repair log:

  • 9v, 1.5A fuse in PSU blown, changed
  • SID defective, black screen. Works w/o sound when removed. Replaced with spare
  • PSU 5v rail rebuild for future proofing:
    7805 voltage regulator, original electrolytic capacitor and a few other passive components  replaced with 3A buck converter with 4700uF 25v electrolytic capacitor on input. Patched in after diode rectifier.
  • Re-capped motherboard
  • Future proofed the larger MOS chips which heat sinks
  • Cleaned and lubricated datasette
  • Re-capped datasette
  • Fixed ticking noice from datasette when fast forwarding with a piece of heat shrink tube (se picture)
  • Changed both drive belts in datasette
  • Over-voltage protection of 5v PSU-rail on motherboard (installed P6KE6.8CA)


Costs (total DKK 875):

  • Breadbin, PSU and datasette: DKK 525.-
  • SID: DKK 250,-
  • Misc.: DKK 100,-

Let me know if you will buy or swap with this unit 🙂

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