Cent and Yen in Dynamics NAV 2018

If you run a Danish Dynamics NAV and get objects from outside Denmark, you might experience the Danish letter ø/Ø beeing replaced by ¢/¥ (the sign for Cent and Yen).

The fix?
Simply export all your objects as text, run them through the following powershell and import them again.

(((Get-Content -encoding Oem "InFile.txt") -replace ([char]8250),([char]251)) -replace ([char]157),([char]238)) | Set-Content -encoding Oem "OutFile.txt"


Finish off by a compile and syncronize all tables.

This is off cause on your own risk, so start by taking a full backup of your NAV system/server.

2018-12-20 Updated: powershell improved and now using unicode values of chars

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