“SQL Server does not exist or access denied” using Windows 10, build 1803

If you are running your Microsoft Dynamics C5 or Microsoft Concorde XAL program files off a SMB1.x share, and your client is running Microsoft Windows 10, your C5/XAL might stop working if you upgrade your Windows 10 to build 1803.

This is really a “far out” bug, in build 1803 Microsoft apparently strengthened some security which makes it impossible to connect to a SQL Server through ODBC if – and only if – your program files are stored on a file sharing running SMB1.x (which means it will actually work if you copy your program files to a local drive – but that will off cause break things – some C5 and XAL files needs to be shared!).

And now we’re at it – this is not only hitting C5 and XAL, but other systems using ODBC as well: https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=zfH6WqasBorGwQKImqroDw&q=sql+connection+problem+after+windows+update+1803&oq=sql+connection+problem+after+windows+update+1803

The solution is straight forward: make your file share run SMB2.0 or newer:

Hint: If you run this PowerShell command on your client, it will list all your network shares and the SMB-version in use for each of them:


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