Game On – or Game Over?

A few weeks ago Erik Hougaard challenged me (or I challenged myself?) in comments on one of Erik’s YouTube videos to re-implement my C5Tris game for Microsoft Dynamics C5 in AL for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC).

Off cause BC supports Java Script control add ins, but downloading a Java Script Tetris clone and simply calling it in a BC JavaScript control add in would not really be a challenge at all.

The true nature of the challenge must be to create a playable Tetris clone in AL, controlled by AL and only use a minimum amount of HTML and Java Script.

On top of that the game should probably be implemented with very few AL objects, to limit the footprint when installing. And why not add controls with the cursor keys and game sound effects now we are busy anyway?

Challenge accepted!

In this link you will find a ZIP-file with the source code, but if you just want to install the app in your BC, you can just download the app file here!

If you just want to see it – well here we go (disclaimer: I’m a developer, NOT a gamer!)

ALTris was developed in BC14, but as BC apps are compatible with other versions it should be installable and playable on other versions too. It probably also helps that I’m not using a bunch of calls to the standard BC base application. I didn’t find any usable – probably Microsoft didn’t think of BC as much of a games platform :-).

Feel free to use the code, look into the code, change the code, complain about the code or whatever you prefer as long as you keep my name, SIMTEQ A/S and links to my LinkedIn and SIMTEQs homepage in there.

Use this code on your own risk and costs…. and enjoy!

* 2020-09-08: Found and fixed a few spell bugs (text only), so we are now at version 🙂

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