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Broken AL in Visual Studio Code October 2018 release (1.29)

October 2018 release (1.29) for Visual Studio Code was just released, but unfortunately it breaks the possibility to publish AL extensions to your Dynamcs NAV / 365 Business Central. Don’t blame the guys behind Visual Studio Code, this one is probably on the AL extension guys. Only solution i know is to downgrade Visual Studio …

Cent and Yen in Dynamics NAV 2018

If you run a Danish Dynamics NAV and get objects from outside Denmark, you might experience the Danish letter ø/Ø beeing replaced by ¢/¥ (the sign for Cent and Yen). The fix? Simply export all your objects as text, run them through the following powershell and import them again. (((Get-Content -encoding Oem “InFile.txt”) -replace ([char]8250),([char]251)) …

My Dynamics NAV App is FUBAR (updated 2018-06-22 with new solution)

For readers not knowing what FUBAR is, please see Wikipedia. If you Dynamics NAV 2018 service will not start (or actually shuts down immediately when you try to start it), and you get something like this in your Windows Event Viewer (App Name, object ID and/or Name can probably be different ones): Message: <ii>An error …


We are just friends dabbling with electronics, software and …. stuff, and need a place to document the knowledge we obtain.
So we decided that if we share our questionable knowledge on this blog, others might find it useful or simply blow themselves up because we got it totally wrong 🙂

Most information on this blog is probably stolen from somewhere else (sorry), misunderstood or simply plain wrong – so if you use it, it is your own risk and expense.