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Echelon/NES Smart Meter – Enclosure for the www.dabbler.dk MEP module

This is a quick entry to share that Andreas from Austria created a 3D printed enclosure for our MEP module. This makes it possible to install the MEP module outside the meter – on meters not having the Danish MEP drawer (i.e. Gen. 4 meters etc.) Andreas shared his work here: https://www.printables.com/model/369194-dabbler-mep-sw-esp32-case

(Guest writer) Echelon/NES Smart Meter – FHEM integration in Austria

Back in June 2022 Engelbert Horvat reached out to us to discuss a MEP solution for his Echelon/NES Smart Meter. Engelbert lives in Austria, so unfortunately our module is not a good solution for him. Although the MEP electrical connections and protocol is standardized in these meters, the MEP “drawer” our modules are designed for …


We are friends dabbling with electronics, software and …. stuff, and need a place to document whatever we learn.
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