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Echelon/NES Smart Meters – the secret interface

www.sommerhack.dk 2020 renewed our interest in communicating with our Echelon meter. During a session by Thomas Ljungberg Kristensen, WelcomeSecurity (https://www.welcomesecurity.net/) the different possibilities and the legislation was briefly covered and he inspired us to push harder to get some kind of access. If you are following these posts, can read Danish and have a Smart …

Echelon/NES Smart Meters – dabbler.dk rebooted

We have been quiet for a while. Not because we have not been tinkering, but because we’ve been very busy tinkering. To be precise we’ve been tinkering with our Echelon type 83331-3IAAD Smart Meters (power meters) and how to read out the consumption in a nice way… At the Danish gathering Sommerhack.dk 2021 we’ll be …


We are friends dabbling with electronics, software and …. stuff, and need a place to document whatever we learn.
We decided that if we share our questionable knowledge on this blog, others might find it useful or simply blow themselves up because we got it totally wrong đŸ™‚

Most information on this blog is probably stolen from somewhere else (sorry), misunderstood or simply plain wrong – so if you use it, it is your own risk and expense.