My Dynamics NAV App is FUBAR (updated 2018-06-22 with new solution)

For readers not knowing what FUBAR is, please see Wikipedia.

If you Dynamics NAV 2018 service will not start (or actually shuts down immediately when you try to start it), and you get something like this in your Windows Event Viewer (App Name, object ID and/or Name can probably be different ones):

Message: <ii>An error occurred while applying changes from the 'Payment and Reconciliation Formats (DK) by Microsoft 1.0.20348.0' app to the application object of type 'PageExtension' with the ID '13623'. The error was: InvalidOperationException - Metadata delta application failed due to the following error(s): The metadata object IncomingDocAttachFile was not found.</ii>

…your installation is FUBAR (or at least I don’t know how to repair it easily).

PowerShell cannot uninstall/unpublish the App when no Service Tier is running – so that is not an option.

Also I was not able to Google a solution, but here is what I did to make the service tier run again:

  • Take a fresh backup, and make sure nobody will open NAV until you say OK (it will be possible as soon as we get the Service Tier running again).
  • Export all your objects to text and locate (search for) the (probably page) object with the metadata object that could not be found (i.e. “IncomingDocAttachFile” in my example). I found it in Page Object 25.
  • Export the (Page) Object to a FOB-file (just so you have it).
    Overwrite/reimport the (Page) Object from a backup without your latest changes (be warned – if this is a table object, this will empty the table – so make sure to preserve the data somehow).
  • Redo your changes to the object without messing with theΒ metadata object that could not be found (i.e. “IncomingDocAttachFile” in my example.

Test that everything is ok, before letting anyone work again.

NOTE: I’ve not tried this with a table object, only a page object – so I’m not even sure this error can occur on tables?

DISCLAIMER: This is probably unsupported by Microsoft and you should do this on your own risk. We will not be responsible for any problems, data loss or down time etc. you may discover/experience following this procedure, or after doing this procedure. You are on your own here – but hopefully this will help you and save you the effort of finding a solution yourself! πŸ™‚

2018-06-22 I did’nt quite nail the solution first time around, as the problem creped in again. So I change the solution to the right one πŸ™‚

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