Echelon/NES Smart Meters – MQTT now part of the main software

We have merged a long standing pull request, so MQTT is now part of our main software. While here we did some long due cleanup of the headlines on the Dashboard page.

This update consists of two files. Please update them both and in this order:

  1. A new firmware: “\NES-MEP-UI\build\esp32.esp32.esp32doit-devkit-v1\NES-MEP-UI.ino.bin”
  2. A new wwws-file: “\NES-MEP-UI-SPIFFS\update.wwws”

You’ll find the files and documentation on how to update them on our GitHub: Click here to go there!

2 Replies to “Echelon/NES Smart Meters – MQTT now part of the main software”

    1. Hi Dan
      I hope one of the contributors have a walk through of this, because I don’t even have a HA setup here, so I have no clue :-).

      If it can help, a page with the following information (in a table) has been added to the software. You can open it from the configure page – where you also setup the MQTT parameters:

      All information from the MEP, will be delivered on the following topic with the following content, all JSON formatted.
      Topic: Information

      /frequency/mydatajson: Grid frequency in mHz

      /meterConsumptionFwd/mydatajson: Fwd_W: Total power consumption [W], Fwd_Avg_W: Total average power consumption for the past ? seconds [W], L[1,2,3]_Fwd_W: Power consumption on each phase [W], L[1,2,3]_Fwd_Avg_W: Average power consumption for the past ? seconds [W]

      /meterConsumptionRev/mydatajson: Rev_W: Total power production [W], Rev_Avg_W: Total average power production for the past ? seconds [W], L[1,2,3]_Rev_W: Power production on each phase [W], L[1,2,3]_Rev_Avg_W: Average power production for the past ? seconds [W]

      /meterConsumptionTotal/mydatajson: Fwd_Act_Wh: Last state of total energy consumption [Wh], Rev_Act_Wh: Last state of total energy production [Wh]
      /sensors/mydatajson: L[1,2,3]_RMS_A: Current in each phase [mA], L[1,2,3]_RMS_V: Voltage on each phase [mV], L[1,2,3]_PF_Fac: Power Factor on each phase [CosPhi], ExportReactive_VAr: Current export of VAr, ImportReative_VAr: Current import of VAr

      /lwt/: Last will topic, to give information if sensor has lost connection to MQTT broker

      Best regards,
      Gert Lynge

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