Echelon/NES Smart Meters – possible 0x0B / 0x0C bugfix?

Thanks to Reto ( we might have a solution for a long standing bug.

If you are having issues getting reliable readings from the meter/module and getting errors / Meter responses like these from the module:

  • 0x0B Authentication failure
  • 0x0C Invalid sequence number…

Typically from these requests:

  • 0x30 Full Table Read 0x0017 BT23 Current Register Data
  • 0x30 Full Table Read 0x001C BT28 Present Register Data

…then you know have an option to update the software. Make sure to study the readme before fetching updated software from our GitHub (

As I don’t have a meter I can test this on anymore (and even if I did have such a meter), this updated software is provided as is – ALL USE IS ON YOUR OWN RISK :-).

Please do let us know if you had issues before and this updated software solved it!

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