Review: Introduction to the Modern client

“Introduction to the Modern client” is a comprehensive, well written and excellent book for readers wanting an introduction to the new Modern client for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Peik Bech-Andersen not only introduces the Modern client and its role centers. He also walks us through the different elements of a role center and give us an easy to understand overview of the considerations, possibilities and tasks in adjusting the role center to the different requirements of a company, a department or even for an individual user.

Throughout the book Peik gives valuable hints and describes the complete life of role center and profile adjustments – starting from a developers tasks in adding parts to a role center page, via consultants and super users possibility to add or hide parts of a profile and he finishes off with the personalization options for individual users.

In the book you get information regarding best practices and unique bonus information about various subjects including notifications and utilizing/re-using the build in Business Charts – all based on Peik’s longstanding experience as a solution architect.

Peik’s full circle on the Modern client, role centers and profiles give “Introduction to the Moderns client” a very wide target audience.

I have no problems in recommending this book to readers ranging all the way from new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users (e.g. as course material), over experienced NAV users, super-users and consultants, to skilled NAV developers with the need to get familiar with the new Modern client and identifying when they need to add to the role centers and when to let the consultants handle it.

You can buy the two books at the Dynamics Book Store:

Introduction to the Modern client as PDF download
Introduction to the Modern client as paperback

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